To our participating schools,

The Presidential Task Force and National Center for Disease Control issued a statement recommending that large community events no longer proceed: “At this time, we recommend postponing or canceling mass gatherings and large community events where large numbers of people are within arm’s length of one another.”

Following that guidance from the NCDC, and the growing escalation of the Covid-19 outbreak around the world and in Nigeria, and the fact that schools won’t be on session anytime soon because the organizing committee still have a lot of activities to be conducted with the participating schools before the grand finale, Poetry Blast Competition (PBC) today announces that the 2020 edition of our flagship event will be postponed till FURTHER NOTICE due to growing concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and with the well-being of attendees, partners and staff as the ‘number one priority’.

PBC has decided that rescheduling the event is the only responsible course of action at this time. This decision was made after consulting with the State, partners, advisory board and staff, to which PBC would like to express gratitude for understanding, patience and continued support.

“Although the decision to reschedule wasn’t taken lightly, and the current concern around the virus might, in hindsight, appear overdone, we were partly inspired by this anonymous quote “Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate”.

“I hope the world will be able to take adequate action, and the spread of the virus will soon be contained. Moving forward we’ll focus all our efforts on making our event even better.” – Mrs. Assumpta Chinedu, PBC Founder & Creative Director.

Please all schools must know that all registered delegates still remain valid.


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